symptoms of post concussion in adults

Although a concussion is commonly associated with sports injury, many concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries could happen following an accident such as: a motor vehicle accident causing whiplash, falling on the stairs, slipping on ice, or any other mishaps related to the activities of daily living. Teenagers 13-18 years old There is some evidence that the teenage years, particularly the high-school years, might be the most vulnerable time period for having persistent symptoms—with greater risk for girls than boys. Oh my god is all I have to say! Women and older patients appear to be more susceptible to the development of post-concussion symptoms. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For a very athletic person, this was something I really needed to get back to normal to resume my active lifestyle. They are a group of skilled and conscientious people that truly enjoy what they do. My family and I have been going to Toronto SEMI since 1999. They not only help relieve the pain; they actually resolve the problem. Reduced tolerance to stress, emotional excitement, or alcohol. Each of these health professionals have been working very hard to assist me back to optimal health with the goal that I will be playing recreational sports once again. Our PCS symptom list references information from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Concussion Legacy Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, momsTeam, and Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Upon entering the front door I was greeted by the manager Roxanne Walsh who was extremely professional, courteous and understanding. Most people with post-concussion syndrome are able to recover with rest and by minimizing stress. Other tests may be given to rule out other causes of symptoms, such as infection, bleeding injury to the brain, or poisoning. Your team of practitioners deserves a lot of credit too. This period of time can range from weeks to months. For example, a study of high school and college athletes with concussions found that loss of consciousness, amnesia about events before and after the concussion, and greater symptom severity within the first 24 hours following injury were associated with longer recoveries (7 or more days). There is no definitive test for post-concussion syndrome. Following a head injury, the brain may lose some of its functionality for a brief period of time. Thanks! Through a friend, I was referred to you. We can help with your sports medicine or therapy needs. She gave me exercises to strengthen my tendon. Concussion Legacy Foundation, "PCS can result in significant physical, emotional, and cognitive stress, and be "significantly disabling, often resulting in an inability to attend school, complete academic work, participate in sporting and extracurricular activities and interact socially with peers." Clinical Risk Score for Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms Among Children With Acute Concussion in the ED, Elizabeth Sandel, M.D., author, speaker, researcher, Treatment of PCS typically focuses on relieving the individual symptoms, as the underlying cause of PCS isn’t known, "Clinical Risk Score for Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms Among Children with Acute Concussion in the ED".

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