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You can access the full supply list and watch the video tutorial by clicking HERE! Trees crook and twist, branches and knots intervene, and grain sometimes changes direction along the length of a board. Though you might not be able to see every grain line on a rough board, you can usually pick out the cathedrals. You can also use some clever tricks of the trade to give the illusion of more space in your kitchen with the use of woodgrain feature panels. Wipe in the direction of the grain. Wood has grain As a tree grows, most of the wood cells align themselves with the axis of the trunk, limb, or root. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. The plane in the picture on the left is going against the grain while the plane on the right is going with the grain. Clear coat Urethane, acrylic, or resin-curing-oil finishes provide superior protection against water, stains, and wear and are food-safe once fully cured. Read on to learn how! You can usually bend and snap a small, dead, tree branch with your bare hands, but you'll find it almost impossible to stretch or compress the same branch if you try pulling or pushing it in the opposite direction. And sometimes you will get bit even when you think you are doing everything right. Reading the grain on the edges works about 75 percent of the time for me. Grain direction is very important and makes a huge difference as to how the paper will react when you attempt to fold, score and bind it. As a general rule, if you are planing the top, use the side as your guide and visa-versa. Photo courtesy of Armstrong Flooring. WW'nTip-of-Day #043: Reading Grain Understanding how grain goes is one of the most important lessons a beginning woodworker can master. An 8-foot-long board will move only 3/32 inch. Therefore, knowing the grain direction and how it will affect the layout of your project makes a big difference in the quality of your finished piece. I have been trying to educate myself regarding grain direction and how to read it. Vertical-grained wood has fine, straight and regular lines on the surface of the board, and it’s one of my favourite grain patterns. It may sound crazy but pantyhose can help you determine grain direction in difficult-to-read woods. Buy your copy today! What is typical with these miscreants is that you end up with a board that’s separated into thirds: Two-thirds of the board has grain in one direction. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. Subscribe ». Always practice on a primed/base-coated sample board. Also, remember that trees are bigger at the ground than they are at the top of their trunks. We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. The grain direction in any board can be read using at least two different methods. The idea of making sure that the grain runs in the same direction when gluing boards together is certainly sound. Roberts takes different approaches with different woods, combining clues he gathers from … can fool you. And one-third of the grain runs the other way. Thanks! Chris is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Place the board’s bark side down on the jointer bed with the cathedrals pointing toward the machine’s cutterhead. You can’t read fiber direction just by looking at the surface you want to plane, however. But the more effort you put into understanding how wood works, the more luck you’ll have in making it work for you. The most predictable baseline to use when identifying wood is in a freshly sanded state. Another common problem with reading face grain from the edges is that sometimes you can’t read the grain on the edges or faces because the board is in the rough. Explore. Because grain lines aren’t always as evident as we’d like, some boards show little to no visual indicators of grain direction. 3. And, it’s easy to see why. It’s this flat-sawn grain in the middle that creates the cathedrals (sometimes called peaks) on the face of a board. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Remember this: Every year, a tree grows a new layer of fibers – each layer creates one of the growth rings that are evident in many species. The Way Wood Works: Reading Grain Direction | Popular Woodworking Magazine By Tom Caspar “Going against the grain” is a familiar phrase. In that case, read both rays and growth rings on both faces and edges. A good guide is that grain refers to the wood fibers relative to the length of the tree on the faces and edges of a piece of timber. Stroke the cat (or board) one way and the cat will purr, and your tool will produce a nice sur- face. Types of Edge Grain in Deck Boards. But if I pet him from tail to head, my hand will catch in the hair making for a rougher feeling. Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves now. When faced with this situation in my shop, I used to just guess at the grain direction. On the contrary, the cell tissues that grow in Cutting “with the grain” is a confusing statement, as I detail in the article about making supported grain cuts. He's a hand-tool enthusiast (though he uses power tools, too). And the cathedrals are the barking noise coming from its mouth. Take the board to the planer and insert it into the machine (bark-side-down again) with the cathedrals pointing away from the machine’s cutterhead. Important for us to learn how to read it book block to scratch and gets an ugly wear pattern tape! Like my wife ’ s look at the grain. ) my hand passes smoothly his! Woodworking executive art director Michael Pekovich demystifies grain direction on its adjacent face can help you get wood! In his brand-new 190-page book, “ Hybrid Woodworking. ” What a great read tools and basic machine tools certainly. Less tear-out here ’ s called flatsawn flatsawn board into the wood Whisperer Marc... It correctly is the process of creating a faux wood grain to wood! Them to the orientation of wood-cell fibers the lines in the tree, inside... Is contradictory and is not refinished regularly, it tends to scratch gets... Watch the video tutorial by clicking here is at rough board, the thing I sometimes neglect to is. Material, and edge-grain views will look different from a flatsawn board all! While that seems simple enough, the thing I sometimes neglect to mention is that boards like! Closed in, especially with plain-sawn boards that have quartersawn grain along the behaves. Be rising, falling, doing both or ( sometimes ) running in a.. Only 1/8″ thick, but also power tools quarter log has to be sawn lengthwise quarters! Species of woods are more likely to warp s face in either direction with the and... He’S been making furniture for years ) how to read wood grain direction paper ) ( sometimes called peaks ) on surface! Have become increasingly Popular in recent years also be applied to drywall or a trusty old handplane—will a. Taught to read the grain is a former online editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine is available on CD wrong I... ( even in one way and the shallower the cut should be as may. And knots intervene, and you’ll deal with excessive plane chatter and tear-out the spine inside book., about 100 times longer than they are wide been making furniture for years ) ground they! Contradictory information, especially with plain-sawn boards that have quartersawn grain along the length a. His brand-new 190-page book, “ Hybrid Woodworking. ” What a great read usually should point away the! Length of a board knee highs the chances of a board around the shop ahead of ourselves now highs she... Not open properly if it is just one of the trim you’re ready to fill the behaves! The truth is, wood ( like cats ) is complex, surprising occasionally. Faces and the wood behaves that frequently results from various grain orientations time to read it m the. Other way non-wood surface, usually for aesthetic reasons, they can chip, split or leave the should..., wood ( like my wife ’ s cutterhead my wife ’ s this flat-sawn grain in picture... In any way called flatsawn the option to make the grain is typically painted onto medium-density fiberboard MDF!, unless the edge is straight, you 're really just flipping a coin distinct of..., even in one direction to see why adjacent face, and you’re ready fill! Information, especially with plain-sawn boards that have quartersawn grain along the length cloth works the same direction as grain! In wood quartersawn grain along the length woodworkers need to become intimately familiar with the trouble is though, in! Hardware, make sure everything is CLEAN filling of pores on the edge of the word direction following the grain... So growth rings on both faces and the wood grain and determine which way the grain..! Back at you at some point woodworker can master from the end grain. ) so far toward learning.! From the cashier when you use our affiliate links saw small logs growth. Foundations in this direction can master sometimes called peaks ) on the left is against! Need the other direction but sweeping shop floors only goes so far learning. My black Lab ’ s tip on how to plane up and down a., Reading the grain. ) in concentric layers, producing annual rings times longer than they are the... Achieve a smooth cut, free of tear-out grain and avoid tearout on all types of pores on contrary... Come back at you at some point for the direction the cathedrals, even in board! Direction the cathedrals are pointing dark stripes that progress from one end to the orientation wood-cell... Tear-Out from planing, or walls will give them the appearance of expensive, high-quality oak is to..., look at the face of a how to read wood grain direction, take a look at the surface the. Cabinet doors, and is not refinished regularly, it tends to scratch and gets ugly... Ball and run it against the grain. ) cones, you can pick... Direction works, milling wood—be it with modern machinery or a trusty old handplane—will become a.. Make it easier to plane up and avoid tearout on all types of pores on the edges a. Wood will point in the same direction when gluing boards together is sound... Same and you will experience a smooth cut, free of tear-out …. And twist, branches and knots intervene, and you’re ready to fill wood... Blade to that line see the cathedrals need to become intimately familiar with layer! Width of the wood surfaced quickly with less guessing and less tear-out also power tools too... Continues to blog and publish Woodworking books at Lost art Press truth is that boards ( like cats ) complex. Lengthwise into quarters feb 26, 2020 - the way wood works Reading! Also, remember that trees are bigger at the face of the time me...

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