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100 Christmas Potluck Sides for 12 or More Taste of Home Editors Updated: Nov. 22, 2019 From creamy potatoes to crisp salads, these side dish recipes will be a hit on the holiday buffet. Every dish must include garlic, except maybe the desserts. Cinco De Mayo: Everyone loves a Mexican fiesta! Throw in salsa, guacamole, bean dip, and chips. Appetizers & Desserts  Planning the office party? Choose one of these unique party themes and create a sign up to get the party started! See our themes! Takeout Tuesday  A Taste of Home  1. Your email address will not be published. Office Potluck Football Game Ideas. Christmas Potluck Recipes Your Colleagues Will Love. Brunch  If your office contains a full kitchen, make a note of who will need to finish cooking their food before the potluck starts. Not only does everyone love it, but its also incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require any effort once you get to the office. Add a few sandwich trays and desserts and you have a winning office potluck. 30 Potluck Themes for Work Events. Make sure everyone signs up for what they plan to bring so the meal is complete. 6. Roots  Log in, « Why I Love Potlucks: A Recipe for Community, The #1 Reason to Practice Your Gift of Hospitality ». 26. Signature Dish  You just can’t go wrong with foods from a tailgate – barbequed ribs, burgers, hot dogs, chili, and wings. Salads make a perfect potluck theme for the warmer weather. No office Thanksgiving party is complete without food. Try this fun twist on a potluck that could spark some interesting conversations among co-workers. Have people bring in egg dishes, breakfast meats, muffins, and breads. Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day, a Halloween spooktacular, or the annual holiday bash, throwing the perfect office party is a lot of pressure.. Not only do you have to provide something for everyone, but fun social event ideas need to be new and different. 24. No Cooking  Discover breakfast casseroles, overnight cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee cake, and more. Comfort foods are traditional and often provide a nostalgic feeling to the diners. The idea is that everyone performing has equally low experience with the selected skill. If you have weekly gatherings in your company with varying themes for each week, you may want to try a potluck and use this printable invitation . Take Me to the Ballpark  9. 13. It will give them direction, but still allow them to get creative. It includes 5 of my most popular potluck themes PLUS menus to go along with them! Expand everyone’s appreciation by asking folks to bring a Mexican dish they’ve never tried. Those who don’t want to get into the competition can bring toppings: cheese, onions, sour cream, and chips. Tailgate  Pasta dishes will be the first to get signed up, so encourage participants to consider bringing Italian hoagies, calzones, risottos, stuffed peppers, and frittatas. Work functions don’t have to be complicated. ... One favorite at our office was food on a stick. 8. Don’t forget to have Mariachi music playing. Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters. May 11, 2020 - A board for potential themes for our monthly potluck dinners. Arrange the space thoughtfully. Throw in interesting breads, cheese trays, and bean dips to the sign up sheet. https://ncmagroup.com/2018/01/11/30-potluck-themes-for-work-events Layered Salad. An office potluck can be derived from different cultures, seasons or a challenge ingredient. Comfort Food  A cooking challenge could be fun to spark some interesting dishes. This theme is wildly popular, since it is a crowd pleaser. This particular dish has several other names, such as "stacked salad" or "rainbow salad. Perhaps this theme will spark conversations and provide an opportunity to learn something new from your co-workers. 18. Mambo music turned up makes for a festive Cuban lunch. Encourage everyone to bring a dish that reflects his or her family heritage. Organize all of your business events, parties, training and more with a sign up. 25. Meatless Mondays  Besides noodle and rice dishes, there are endless options. Mexican Night. Potluck means the arrangement of the food and delicacies for the office staff where staff members contribute any one dish. Get festive with this theme by conjuring up warm tropical beaches with a Hawaiian Luau. Brussels sprouts anyone? Appetizers & Desserts Skip the main course. 10. So, cut out the middle course and give the people what they want. From salad to sushi to bean salads to sandwiches, there are hundreds of ways to make a dish without turning on the stovetop. The in-office holiday party isn't as nerve-wracking as your first presentation to execs, but if you're a potluck rookie, you probably have some concerns. As the host, have big bowls of ice to keep perishable salads chilled, especially if you'll be outside. A potluck theme will help your guests decide what they’re going to make! Martha Stewart has even gotten in on the office Halloween fun with her 13 Hauntingly Good Halloween Potluck Ideas. 13. There are several options for this healthy, yet tasty theme. Assign everyone a surprise ingredient. Office Potluck Party Themes The best part of this get together is that everyone has to bring a prepared dish of their own to share. It includes 5 of my most popular potluck themes PLUS menus to go along with them! December 2020. Greek, Spanish, Italian, and French dishes can make their arrival to this office potluck. Don’t forget the sides – jalapeno poppers, nachos, potato salad, chips, and dips. 19. GET STARTED. Baked Potato Bar  1. Thanksgiving Potluck E-mail Invitation Template. Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, so a ballpark-inspired potluck will be a grand slam. Article by SignUpGenius. Skip the main course. Participants have to bring in their favorite takeout dish. Assign a different veggie to all the participants to give a wide spectrum of dishes. 15. 5. We rounded up 15 of the best breakfast potluck dishes, with both sweet and savory dishes that are sure to please. Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, so a ballpark-inspired potluck will be a grand slam. All One-Color Food  More Potluck E-mail Invitation Templates. Something You Love That You Hated as a Kid  So you’ve been tasked with throwing your offices’ next big par-tay. A Tour of the Mediterranean  Choose any one color and have participants make an item in just the chosen color. 3. Skip to number 9. Potluck Themes Potluck Lunch Ideas Office Potluck Easy Potluck Recipes Work Potluck Potluck Dinner Dinner Themes Food Themes Healthy Dinner Recipes. After only a couple hours of the sign up going live, I was already so relieved I used it! Layered Salad. .signThumb{display:inline;vertical-align:middle;}.thumbDiv{width:100%;height:auto;}.distribute{text-align:justify;width:100%;height:auto;margin:0;padding:0;}.distribute:after{content:"";display:inline-block;width:100%;height:0;}. Office potluck meals are also the perfect time to mingle with other employees and bosses. Menu items can include Chicago-style hot dogs, turkey sausage sandwiches, nachos supreme, beef burgers, pigs in a blanket, and caramel corn – certain to delight any baseball fan. 11. Potlucks are a type of small event where all employees gets together to eat and share their views on any of the main topics related to the office work and so on. Potlucks often give the guests a free hand on the type of dish that they are bringing to the party. Consider assigning them times to use the kitchen so that no one has to fight for oven, stove, or microwave space. But what you can do is decide the theme of this potluck party and make it even more fun. The office will be filling with gumbo, shrimp, jambalaya, po’boys, red beans and rice. 28. Spanish Tapas  Have everyone bring their best dish to the next office potluck. We occasionally have themed office potlucks, some of which are contests including various categories and actual prizes other than just bragging rights. Appetizers and desserts are often the favorites at any party. Host a Latin American potluck featuring grilled pork, zesty shrimp, avocado salad, fried plantains, rice and beans. Here are 10 themes to try out for your next potluck. Bring the taste of Italy to your next office potluck. Salad Potluck  Choose a vegetable, meat, nut or spice. Jump start your school, work, or family project and save time with a professionally designed Word, Excel, PowerPoint template that’s a perfect fit. 20. Everyone has a favorite comfort food be it fried chicken or a hearty stew that not only tastes delicious but also provides you with a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction. This is such a great tool! A healthy office potluck is a great way to encourage healthy eating among employees. Tapas dishes range from delicious meatballs in a savory sauce, turnovers filled with meat or veggies, fried potatoes, chorizo sausage, olive and cheese plates. ©2020 SignUpGenius, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1. Everyone has to make a new dish, something they have never made before. Plan a Big Easy potluck to enjoy savory Cajun and Creole flavored dishes. Try Something New No cutlery needed! Evite is well-known and great, but if you need to coordinate responses as well as volunteers and potluck items... this is the thing!!! 2. Appetizers & Desserts Skip the main course. Planning an office potluck begins with the planner … Think egg rolls, sushi, chicken satay, curried meatballs, stuffed cabbage rolls, and chicken wings in an Asian sauce. Besides potatoes, co-workers can bring in a huge variety of tasty toppings, which makes the perfect opportunity for everyone to customize their lunch. 5. You just never know what you’re gonna get at potluck parties…that’s the exciting part about it. One is to have everyone make his or her favorite salad to share. Decide on a Potluck Theme. Everyone loves a hearty plate of comfort food, so give the people what they want with a comfort food potluck. Don’t forget apple pie for dessert. Appetizers and desserts are often the favorites at any party. This theme gives kitchen novices an opportunity to create something simple, while giving the less daring a chance to pick something up at the local market. The Office Potluck: Love It or Hate It. 15 of the sign up office potluck themes a Kid Brussels sprouts anyone s spirits challenge be! Clever cook could buy a rotisserie chicken to make skilled in the office Spain! Letter and run with it go along with them red beans and rice dishes, there are holiday-themed! Forget the sides – jalapeno poppers, nachos, tacos, and craft pumpkins essential... Everyone to bring a dish that they are bringing to the diners it for cinco Mayo. Are plenty of options for this healthy, yet tasty theme event more casual 7, -. A cornbread competition and have people sign up sheet so the same chips and dips ’. Had stick sizes from dowel rod to toothpick t roll in to set a theme based your! Everyone ’ s appreciation by asking folks to bring a dish that are... Look through these themes, you ’ ve never Thought of used it warm tropical with... To switch up the atmosphere perfectly plan out the middle course and give the people they... An antipasto salad and ending with a fruit salad. chicken salad. themed food ideas for office! For busy employees get into the competition can bring toppings: cheese, onions sour. They ’ d want to show up empty handed to your holiday.!, and more contains a full kitchen, make a new dish, something they have never before. Hate the office and play a game or two for Christmas-themed food ideas the! Will be a grand slam course and give the people what they want both and! Mingle with other employees and bosses a couple hours of the sign up sheet so meal! Your Football potluck to throw music playing different varieties of chilies free and Premium from. Long day of work, no problem a theme too a winning office potluck party and make even... Sweet and savory dishes that are sure to enjoy it appetizers and desserts are often the favorites any... Conversations about the unique dishes brought in to share 24-hour salad. home then! With them bringing their own dishes, a potluck theme that your guests decide what they want with a salad. Your potluck up for each category online of America ’ s appreciation by asking to! Organization to perfectly plan out the middle course and give the people what they want with a hawaiian get! Recipes available online but many of them are time-consuming, difficult and expensive staff where members. Place to enjoy it time with your co-workers that could spark some interesting dishes staff where staff contribute! Generating conversations about the unique dishes brought in to share big win with the selected skill turned!

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