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Begin in a back corner of the room, plotting a path that will have you end up near an exit, pour a small S-shaped amount of wood floor polish onto the floor. Restoring Floors with Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer We get asked many questions on what is the best method to restore and renew your wood floor. If you plan on DIY-ing your hardwood floors, expect to pay a little less than $500 per 275 sq. To restore hardwood floors, start by removing any carpeting that's covering the floor, if needed. STEP 3: Polish wood floors to a shine. The total cost includes renting sanding equipment … Then, vacuum up the sanding dust thoroughly, mop the floor… feet. For hardwood floors, we recommend our Wood Floor … The average range tends to be between $1000 to 2400. When the bare wood is exposed, sand the entire surface of the floor with an orbital sander 3 times, starting with 30-grit sandpaper and working your way up to 100-grit.

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