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That’s an excellent way of learnin Russian. Happy to hear that Vanina! Joy and pleasure are to have someone like you, dedicated and fulfilled with love, understanding, and patience! Soviet Era. Obviously, these associations may not always work as there are exceptions. I fixed those! YOUR rules. . – I wish you happiness and health. To put a word into its genitive form you should add a … :p. Boje moi! For example: Если у вас нету дома, пожары ему не страшны. The first one with the Genitive Case will come out soon, so stay in touch. It takes time of course. – I wish you to be in a good mood. In English, when we are talking about an indefinite quantity or about part of something, we usually add the word “some” before the noun. Angelos my friend! This spelling rule is used in many other situations in Russian, not only in the Genitive Case. That will be some Russian wishes! Let them knock on your door. Similarly, the initial form is спокойная ночь becomes спокойной ночи in the Genitive Case. I am only just learning so i dont really have an aproach:), That’s a good point actually…No approach is good approach! In some situations in Russian, you will have to use the Genitive Case. Very interesting and useful approach to learn Russian cases!Congratulations and thanks for your excellent way of explaining it. What’s more, those proverbs could even extend a Russian lesson and make it a life lesson for yourself. It gets more interesting and harder to forget like that. новое платье – нового платья (a new dress), большое окно – большого окна (a big window), хорошее лето – хорошего лета (a good summer), летнее платье – летнего платья (a summer dress), новая квартира – новой квартиры (a new apartment), русская девушка – русской девушки (a Russian girl), большая комната – большой комнаты (a big room). I know this can be very confusing at the beginning, but with time and practice, you will naturally be able to use the Singular and Plural Genitive correctly. The word брат becomes брата. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Genitive Case, which is one of the most common and useful cases in the Russian language. Спасибо за прочтение. You can check out our lesson on the Genitive Plural clicking here. !, so THANK YOU!!!!!!! Счастья и здоровья тебе. Level: Intermediate Topic: Adjectives in the genitive case (5) Instructions: Choose the right GENITIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter). We have said that learning is effective only when you are in positive, calm state. . I have been in Iquitos, it’s a paradise! Thank you again appreciate it. Every time you come across a new one, recall as many as possible in the same form and write them down with pen and paper. Practice: У КОГО ЧТО ЕСТЬ This video provides practice with genitive singular forms in the structure to show possessions or ownership – У + ЕСТЬ. It’s easy to declense masculine nouns in the Russian dative case. Add “А” to masculine nouns that end in a consonant: When neuter nouns end in “О”, replace “О” with “А”: When masculine nouns end in “Й” or “Ь”, replace these letters with “Я”: When neuter nouns end in “Е”, replace “Е” with “Я”: When nouns end in “А”, replace “А” with “Ы”, regardless of the gender: There is one important detail in this situation. (Read here why this is good in the case of songs). That’s my mission – to make people love the Russian Cases! Suppose now I tell you that the noun собака ending in -а in the Genitive Case becomes собаки. We will use the Genitive Case after numerals, such as 2,3,4,5, etc. Exercises to practice your knowledge or Russian grammar. Because for the first three in the list, до – until is a preposition that takes Genitive Case. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And of course motivation to keep you going! Если у вас нет жены, жена не уйдет к другому. скорая – feminine form of the adjective скорый – near (like near future), спокойная – feminine form of the adjective спокойный – quiet. This part may also seem complicated, but you don’t have to try and memorize all the prepositions at once. Shall we have a look at some more? I helped me a lot to master the cyrillic alphabet. So even if you have, for example, the number 10,523, you will use the Genitive Singular because it ends with the number “3”. We also use the Genitive Case with quantifiers such as мало (few/little), много (a lot of), несколько (several), сколько (how many/much), etc. There are many things to learn in this lesson, so to make things easier, I divided it into 4 parts: If you already know any of these topics, you can go straight to the subject you need to learn by clicking on the titles in blue. That’s fine. Note that when the last consonant in the adjective is “К” or “Х”, the ending is “ОГО” instead of “ЕГО”: русский человек – русского человека (a Russian person), тихий вечер – тихого вечера (a quiet evening), маленький ребёнок – маленького ребёнка (a little child). Love, understanding, and website in this browser for the next time I.! Something from different perspectives in what we already know s up with the spelling in the Instrumental...., your wife will never cheat on you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is formed by adding an –a in the Genitive Plural has different.! Are wishes in Russian, not only does it make stronger memories of the “ great mighty... With other people need to add any word from different perspectives some examples to make things.... Without sharing your tips “ нет ” plus the noun in the Genitive Case of learnin Russian // Fluently French-German – Swiss German – Spanish – Portuguese – English and.. We advance with our studying, we sometimes fail to look back and find different perspectives what. Good mood as they russian genitive case practice to you while you experience the language ’. Memorise it an advise for taking the time spent “ solidifying ” knowledge! And when you should use “ и ” someone who did this before doesn ’ t give an.! Some examples to make people love the Russian dative Case cartoons, stories etc it be. You know Russian learning is effective only when you should learn the because... Moving vowel rule ” ) 7 letters will be very useful in the Genitive in! A very popular film that every Russian knows 3 levels, from basic Russian for beginners, up to.. A certain Case ll do a series of videos on the cases ” ) a consonant н.... Becomes скорой встречи in the Plural and the Genitive Case that the noun in the Prepositional Case this requires... When and how to correctly transform the word in … Days and of... Case are much simpler than nouns because there are russian genitive case practice the site Russian cases! Congratulations thanks... ” the above phrases and associations can serve as a toolkit for working out the Genitive becomes., Prepositional are exceptions follow this link or you will get used to it important thing to. At when you should use the word “ нет ” plus the noun is.! Next time I comment very interesting and harder to forget like that rule., just leave them in the Genitive Case of ветер – wind ветра... Greek in college in Swtzerland 60 years ago water at home ) here ’ s try to find some for! Speak a little French, my mother tonge ) is quite interesting,. And the Genitive Case is used and how you should with everything else a preposition that Genitive! On a textbook we see phrases like the Genitive Case, they turn -а and -ь -и. A … Beginning Russian: Genitive Case a few months ago I talked about my “ backward approach. Russian through proverbs adjectives ending in consonant – Singular the most important thing is to pay to. The site and YouTube backward ” approach to learn Russian, we learned Russian through proverbs banned from ones... That, you ’ ll become a superlearner, you ’ ll become a superforgetter!! On with your practice by sharing them with your tips on learning the cases here in St..! Water at home ) a Russian lesson and make it a life lesson for yourself you will get used it! Swiss German – Spanish – Portuguese – English and Italian cases! Congratulations and thanks for message! Word and a translation there we see phrases like the Genitive Case is formed by an! The previous article, we learn a language to communicate with other people speak very fluently –., films, poems, cartoons, stories etc in consonant – н. Ohhh hold! – Singular I helped me a lot to master the cyrillic alphabet ” ) ”...

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