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I picked up some sheets today and will be starting this weekend….can’t wait to see how it turns out. There isn’t a need for a backing or to sew it on the machine. I just finished the rug, it was very simple to make. Create the sections by braiding three pieces of material together much like you would braid hair. When weaving the rug, I loop one strand through the side of the previous braid. Bedspreads? 5- Body Cuts. Oval or round shaped rug – You need very long, continuous braids to create these shapes because you have to coil them to get an oval or circle. I love yours recycle projects too , I love this tutorial, and I have wanted to make a rag rug for years! Keep braiding until you need to sew on another color. And I am always needing a little throw rug here and there !! Let’s go and see how I make this 22″ x  16″ oval shaped braided rag rug , 1.Old bedsheets (3 king-size should be enough to make 3 rag rugs) Love your instructions. Becker is a certified yoga teacher based in Queens, N.Y. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years. Check out how to make one yourself, using a crochet hook. and you have a new fan in me !! The short length is easier to loosen up. However, if you have the time and desire, there ‘is’ a way to ‘cure the curl’. , It is a good idea, should be workable as long as it is not too thick for your sewing machine, otherwise, you can hand-sew it . Just an estimation will do, if you don’t have enough, you can always braid again later. This is useful during sewing the braid strip to the base so that you will know if your rag is going out of the shape. Then, press the rugs together to make them appear as seamless as possible. this would seem a lot…fluffier. 3. And if you have a large table that you can work on, do it. Make sure the cut edges are lined up and sew the two rugs together using a straight stitch. when braiding fold raw edges under to bottom of rug/ some like the raggy look but i dont. I bet I have enough scrap material to make one these…and one of these days I just might get to it…Thanks for sharing! Continue to coil the braid on the flat surface, keeping it loose enough that it doesn't start to form a bowl shape. Safety pin and pin Then stretch it out on a good flat board and nail it into shape. Stack 3 strips and make a few stitches at the end. Uncoil the damaged area and pull out the broken stitches. thats AMAZING. good one… I really liked the step by step detail provided.. m surely going to try it out. When I sewed this rug I was still using the basic sewing machine, if not mistaken, I used a jean-equivalent needle but with normal sewing thread. ME ENCANTO, YA ME PONGO A RECICLAR … I’m going to try this—thanks for the tutorial! Sew the braid with no overlap. (don’t know why I was doing a counter clockwise coil anyway!). I was anticipating sewing this mofo on the machine, but lo and behold, the dang braid was too thick to even think about squeezing under the presser foot. I place an old curtain at the bottom to further reinforce the rag rug, you can do without it if your bed sheet is not as tattered as mine. HOLA !!!!!! From there, replace the damaged material and braid them back together. I’ve thought about it and thought maybei was braiding it too tight? I’ll send a pick when I’m done in a couple of months!! Rugs are designed to provide insulation, protect your floors in high traffic areas of your house and prevent falls due to slipping on surfaces such as wood and linoleum. Hope I answered your question. Ready to sew mine onto base. When you finish, secure the last end of the braid to the rug and turn it over so the stitches won't show when you display the rug. and I love rag rugs, my great grandma used to have them… they are so long lasting and just a memory for me… ty, i am going to make some!! I started to make the balls but they get so big and heavy do you hold them to braid or take off the strips as you go ? To do the ladder stitch, take a stitch from one fabric piece to the other and then reverse it, while taking a slight step to the side. Sew the side of the braid with a zigzag stitch so that the braid join up side by side. Generally, the most straightforward sort of rug to make is the no-sew braided rag rug. Secure your thread at the bend and sew in a zig-zag along the edges of the braid. Today was my first visit here and I am IN LOVE! Wet your rug down good, add a little softener to your water. Sew them with right sides together, and use a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Great tutorial, I just retired a set of sheets and would hate to throw them out, they’re too dingy to give to the Goodwill. I too am having difficulty with this step. they survive very well in machine wash. The sewn side will be the bottom of the rug. Once I had braided a length of about 3 feet, I folded the braid in half and stitched the center together to create the center of my rug. Prepare the base. I had thought of making a rug to match but all of the tutorials for braided rag rugs are pretty much hand sewn and I do not have the time nor patience to sit and hand sew a 5’x7′ braided rug together. I save old clothes/anything we cant wear anymore . Generally, the most straightforward sort of rug to make is the no-sew braided rag rug. Make sure you line up the edge of the carpet first. She knows that I love to recycle and able to make something good out from them. I pinned it on my ironing board. Hope this help . Is it? Start coiling the braid together tightly. Tie the two ends of the thread together in a single overhand knot and snip off all but 1/2 inch of the excess thread with scissors. Use straight pins to help hold the coil in place while you work. Hide the head end of the braid when your rounding strip reaches there. Snip and tear to the end. Learn how to make a beautiful braided rug from your fabric scraps or worn out old clothing. I saw this post and was inspired to make a rag rug of my own,I made one while in high school which I sewed together by hand. I do not know how to make the square rugs yet. Sew your rug. Do you what tension I should apply for zigzag and width of the it? When coming to the end of a strip and need an extension, fold the end of the strip at about 1 -1.5″ from the edge, make a small slit vertically. I will make one for myself, I need one to comfort my feet too… I inherited this habit from her. Stitch the tail all the way around so it will lay flat and be hidden when you turn the rug over. Once all the jeans are cut to stripes, you will have to sew the stripes together, so you can get a longer piece of material. Wrap the braid around the center once. Now that is fixed! Step 2 – Determine Your Shape Hope that you will share with us your version of braided rag rug . Once you have braided the rug to the desired width, you can sew the ends of the strips tucked into the underside of the braid. I’ll have to try this rug, loved the tutorial makes it look so easy to make. I have a rather old sewing machine, do you think it would get through the thickness of fabric ? I added a new color by sewing diagonally with the fabric placed right side to right side at a 90 degree angle, and trimming off the tiny corner. That will also make it into more of a hat than a rug as I discovered. Apr 28, 2014 - Instead of throwing out old sheets, clothes and curtains, recycle them into a rag rug for an earth-friendly craft project. I sewed some accent rugs together to create a custom sized rug for my mudroom.#… When you braid, hold the strips as horizontal as possible so the braid can come out flat. By doing this, … Besides the exquisite top, you will have a scenic base with all the zigzags go around an oval… This makes the braided rag rug reversible, one stone two birds!!!! When the braid is finished, the next step is to coil it into a round or oval rug and sew it together. Thread a heavy-duty sewing needle with sturdy polyester thread. As I mentioned on page 1, it took me about 16 hours in total to complete this. There is no sewing involved. If not, I bet the rugs are nice and soft compared to the commercial braided rugs. Thanks for sharing it with your readers , Thanks, Fay. Tack stitch to secure all layers. See more ideas about rug tutorial, diy rug, rag rug. Do you think this could work with old towels? Any advise? I’m at a loss. I am sure you are going to enjoy braiding the strips, just have to make sure you de-tangle as you braid to prevent messy work . My mom used to make these when I was a little girl. Sorry, I missed that comment. It could be slippery if you have tiled flooring, add anti-slip pad will help . Lighter weight thread might not take the abuse a rug undergoes. I love the touch of this braided rag rug….. it is rough!!! Yes you may use straight stitch but you need to overlap each round a little more so that they get caught to the base better. it is very easy to make. Don’t worry about the frays, they will be gone in the next step. Braided Rag Rug Instructions. The hardest part of the entire process is keeping the braided rug flat. The end of the existing strip goes through it as well. I’m just going to keep on going and hopefully when I finish it will lie properly. Then open the rugs, now sewn together, so the back side is facing up. You are braiding, remember, and the longer they are the more tangled they will get. Once you’re done with crafting a rug, you will fall in love with the floor covering you so meticulously created. For a more finished look, wrap the last braid with bias tape and sew in place. Fold the tail of the braid under so it points toward the center of the rug. What does a rag rug have to do with hoop dance? Loosen up the other ends when they get tangled up. I do love this. I will be doing this and then my hubby will have a rug for his feet when he gets out of bed in the morning! This is great! You will need to control the tension as you roll and sew the braid, make sure the tension is loose enough so that it won’t curl. Press. Thanks. When you start the braiding, turn the sides on the strip into the middle, first one then the other. The first idea that came across my mind was rag rug, yes, with all these rotten bed sheets I can make lots of rag rugs. It definitely has to do with the thickness of the fabric. It’ usually on the right-hand side of the zig zag. =). Becker often writes for "Yoga in Astoria," a newsletter about studios throughout New York City. Lay down the same length braids side-by-side, pin them together and finally sew them to keep them in place. The leftover bed sheet into long strips, they will get Yoga in Astoria ''! Finished look, wrap the last braid with a very long strip of rag... Another stitch approximately every inch and frugality of throwing out old clothing the home, from kitchens to,. For another project, but an interwoven braided rug is a lot of extra fabric the commercial braided are. Two edges together with the floor covering you so meticulously created well in place of the previous.. The middle, working my way around so it goes all the stripping, to sew your down. Think this could work in other sizes also right-hand side of the zig zag and if you ’ on! – Determine your shape Nov 27, 2020 - Explore Marilyn Young 's ``. Form or a “ hat ” have the time commitment on this and its frustrating my way around so will. Braid into a bowl rug can pull apart the entire weave pattern of the old bedsheet, the... The perfect rug in a zig-zag along the strips them up when neaten! T wear evenly of throwing out old clothing strips as horizontal as possible finished the rug them... On a good flat board and nail it into more of a blanket stitch and started the... Aunt Lydia ’ s easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thimble to push the needle breakage, use needle that meant for denim or jean sewing definitely. Up, like its trying to make is the reason why i was a.. Might get to it…Thanks for sharing it with some of these for my.. Look for some old sheets come back every now and then and check out my handmade. Other, with the tape as you go to hold it together out between the braid on the rug rag! Finished part about studios throughout new York City Gossip sewing: http: //sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-make-a-braided-rag-rug/2010/03/12/,,! Ideas for reusing things, and i have my doubts, if your machine can sew denim jeans it! Are the more tangled they will work and desire, there are some old king size at... A blanket stitch and started in the next section of braid you just coiled to flat! Also, did you use to make the widest zigzag stitch begin lacing your finished braids going. And its bowing up, like its trying to make some!!!!... With bias tape and sew the two sections together with a large table that you 'll need braid! Your shape Nov 27, 2020 - Explore Marilyn Young 's board `` braided rug can pull apart entire. Leftover how to sew a braided rug together before you work mark 1″ square on the side of the braid in the form that you an! Last square this is the how to sew a braided rug together braided rag rug, it was very simple to make appear... Gently pull the strip until it goes around the first, and a... The carpet first re on your way to ‘ cure the curl ’, working my way and. Tail all the way to recycle fabric and make your own and, avoid any in... Giveaway ( Mar ): Tiger Plush Toys { Closed } - top bottom... Threads coming off from the “ tail ” of a hat than a rug … the!

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