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He resigned his commission at the end of the war and returned to Britain. He sent subordinate Captain John Pascoe Grenfell to Belém do Pará to use the same bluff and extract a Portuguese surrender. Cochrane, Earl of, 1775–1860. On realising what Cochrane planned, Burdett and his allies took steps to end the siege. In Speedy's 13-month cruise, Cochrane captured, burned, or drove ashore 53 ships before three French ships of the line under Admiral Charles-Alexandre Linois captured him on 3 July 1801. "VASCONCELOS, Jaime Smith & VASCONCELOS, Rodolfo Smith. 1861. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., politician and Civil Rights leader. Experiments conducted with models in the Mediterranean, during his layoff, convinced Cochrane that three explosion ships, properly handled, could saturate a half-mile-square area with 6,000 missiles–enough destructive force to cripple any French squadron even if it lay within an enclosed anchorage. Within three years of his enlistment, Thomas Cochrane gained a lieutenancy, and in 1800 he was given command of His Majesty’s Ship Speedy, a brig-sloop armed with 14 puny 4-pounder cannons, with which he nevertheless managed to capture the Spanish frigate Gamo in May 1801. At length, that expert panel decided that there was merit in Cochrane’s unusual scheme, but fear of the implications that such radical devices would have on conventional warfare stifled their enthusiasm. Cochrane had disposed of his entire £139,000 holding in Omnium (equivalent to £9,790,000 in 2019) – which he had only acquired a month before – and was named as one of the six conspirators, as was his uncle Andrew Cochrane-Johnstone and his stockbroker Richard Butt. In June 1806, Lord Cochrane stood for the House of Commons on a ticket of parliamentary reform (a movement which later brought about the Reform Acts) for the potwalloper borough of Honiton in Devon. His father, Archibald, the ninth Earl of Dundonald, was an unsuccessful inventor with disastrous pecuniary habits who provided his 6-foot-2-inch, redheaded heir with little beyond the necessities of life. contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines. Memorial to Lord Dundonald in Valparaiso in Chile. One of his midshipmen was Frederick Marryat, who later wrote fictionalised accounts of his adventures with Cochrane. [36], In 1876, his grandson received a payment of £40,000 from the British government (equivalent to £3,800,000 in 2019), based on the recommendations of a Parliamentary select committee, in compensation for Cochrane's conviction. He undertook a series of notable exploits over the following eighteen months. Cochrane had six brothers. The 10th Earl only inherited the title in 1831 and was known most of his life by the courtesy title "Lord (Baron) Cochrane". The decks would be removed, and an inner shell would be constructed of heavy timbers and braced strongly to the hull. He had campaigned for parliamentary reform, allied with such Radicals as William Cobbett, Sir Francis Burdett, and Henry Hunt. Coat of arms of the Marquess of Maranhão. He put the plans forward again before and during the Crimean War. [47], Dundonald was buried in Westminster Abbey where his grave is in the central part of the nave. Cochrane’s later raids on the Biscay Coast caused Napoleon to label him ‘le loup des mers‘ (the sea wolf), and raised his reputation among the British public to an exalted height. After the Peace of Amiens, Cochrane attended the University of Edinburgh. B. Tauris 2008, Vale, Brian, 'Cochrane in the Pacific', I. Lloyd, Christopher. The board reprimanded him for flippancy. Dale, Richard. On another occasion, he was being chased by an enemy frigate and knew that it would follow him in the night by any glimmer of light from Speedy, so he placed a lantern on a barrel and let it float away. Chile was rapidly organising its new navy for its war of independence. [22] Share prices rose sharply on the Stock Exchange in reaction to the news and the possibility of peace, particularly in a volatile government stock called Omnium which increased from ​26 1⁄2 to 32. The Stock Exchange established a sub-committee to investigate, and they discovered that six men had sold substantial amounts of Omnium stock during the boom in value. On 8 August 1801, he was promoted to the rank of post-captain. However, they admitted to Cochrane's solicitors that they thought the rest had been red. Lord Cochrane left the UK in official disgrace, but that did not end his naval career. Thomas Hesketh Douglas Blair Cochrane, 13th Earl of Dundonald (1886–1958), a Capt. Harvey, Robert. His conviction in the Great Stock Exchange Fraud of 1814 resulted in Parliament expelling him on 5 July 1814. In the board room at the Admiralty, the plan showed the stink vessels with layers of coke and sulphur ready to emit their choking fog. London: James Blackwood, Paternoster Row. [17] The pair planned a commercial venture that would supply Halifax with lamp oil and mine bitumen deposits in Trinidad and Albert Country, New Brunswick. In May 1807, Cochrane was elected by Westminster in a more democratic election. Loose words from his wife Katy resulted in a rumour that Cochrane had made plans to free Napoleon from his exile on Saint Helena and make him ruler of a unified South American state. They succeeded in destroying the Turko–Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino, and the war was ended under mediation of the Great Powers. Elsewhere), TV host (Deal or No Deal game show), voice actor (Bobby's World); judge on America's Got Talent TV show. John Mayall, singer, songwriter, musician; founder of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers band. On another raid, Cochrane copied code books from a signal station, leaving behind the originals so that the French would believe them uncompromised. [27] Cochrane's defence also argued that he had given standing instructions to Butt that his Omnium shares were to be sold if the price rose by 1 per cent, and he would have made double profit if he waited until it reached its peak price. Cochrane, Alexander, in collaboration with the 14th Earl of Dundonald, "The Fighting Cochranes: A Scottish Clan over six hundred years of naval and military history" 1983, Quiller Press, London. Cochrane made important enemies in the Admiralty during this period. Cochrane alleged that the vessel handled poorly, colliding with Royal Navy ships on two occasions (Bloodhound and Abundance). is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. This delayed General Duhesme's French army for a month. Katharine Elizabeth Cochrane, d. 25 August 1869, m. John Willis Fleming. An exception was his successful confrontation of a prize court in 1814. [24] The evidence against Cochrane was circumstantial and hinged on the nature of his share dealings, his contacts with the conspirators, and the colour of uniform which De Berenger had been wearing when they met in his house. A French army marched into Catalonia and besieged Rosas, and Cochrane took part in the defence of the town. This was exactly the kind of borough which Cochrane proposed to abolish; votes were mostly sold to the highest bidder. The trial was presided over by Lord Ellenborough, a High Tory and a notable enemy of the radicals, who had previously convicted and sentenced to prison radical politicians William Cobbett and Henry Hunt in politically motivated trials. A bombardment ship consisted of a strengthened old hulk filled with powder and shot and made to list to one side. In his autobiography, he compared Arab to a collier. He wrote that his first thoughts on seeing Arab being repaired at Plymouth were that she would "sail like a haystack". Cochrane went to Greece to support its fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire, which had deployed an army raised in Egypt to suppress the Greek rebellion. Upon the resumption of war in 1803, St Vincent assigned him in October 1803 to command the sixth-rate 22-gun HMS Arab. His life and exploits inspired the naval fiction of 19th- and 20th-century novelists, particularly the figures of C. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower and Patrick O'Brian's protagonist Jack Aubrey. He was a noted naval commander and fought in the Napoleonic Wars. M'Gilchrist (aka McGilchrist), John. [37][38][39] Only in 1860 was his banner returned to Westminster Abbey; it was the day before his funeral. Cochrane had also experimented with that technique, drawing on the propensity he had inherited from his father for dabbling in chemistry, in particular with the properties of coal and its byproducts, coke and coal tar. All discussion of the revolutionary weapons was dropped, and the plans were sealed away on the shelves reserved for confidential materials at Whitehall. In his autobiography, Cochrane recounted how courteous and polite the French officer had been. In Imperieuse, Cochrane raided the Mediterranean coast of France during the continuing Napoleonic Wars. Lord Cochrane left the UK in official disgrace, but that did not end his naval career. [29] The jury retired to deliberate and returned a verdict of guilty against all the defendants two and a half hours later. "Lord Cochranes maskine" (Lord Cochrane's Machine) is mentioned in the rather gruesome Danish children's song "En svensk konstabel fra Sverrig" ("A Swedish Constable from Sweden") as a monstrous and unspecified war machine. [23], The accused were brought to trial in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall on 8 June 1814. By 1793 the family fortune had been spent, and the family estate was sold to cover debts.[7]. [14] Despite this, he intercepted and boarded the American merchant ship Chatham. [43] Cochrane left the service of the Chilean Navy on 29 November 1822. [50], In 1812, Lord Cochrane proposed attacking the French coast using a combination of bombardment ships, explosion ships, and "stink vessels" (gas warfare). In December of that year, Cochrane was appointed to command of the new 32-gun frigate HMS Pallas. He died during the second operation on 31 October 1860 in Kensington. The fifth and current ship to bear the name, Rear Admiral of the White on 10 January 1837, Vice Admiral of the White on 9 November 1846, Vice Admiral of the Red on 3 January 1848, Lord Cochrane was first featured as a character in a novel in, Cochrane is one of the main characters in the novel, Cochrane inspired "Lord Cochrane de Chile", a 1967 collection of poems by. No journalistic investigation appears to have been undertaken to determine the nature of that plan, even though Cochrane sought command of the fleet in 1855 when the new prime minister, Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston, came to power. [8] This common (though unlawful) practice called false muster was a means of acquiring the years of service required for promotion, if and when he joined the Navy. The committee assumed that all six were responsible for the hoax and subsequent fraud. The strength of the Royal Navy was being sapped by the need to maintain a tedious blockade of the key French ports where Bonaparte’s warships waited for an opportunity to escape into the Atlantic. In the 1830s, Lord Dundonald, as he now was, experimented with steam power, developing a rotary engine and a propeller. He was successful in virtually all his naval actions. The resultant clouds of ‘noxious effluvia,’ as Cochrane termed them, were expected to be pungent enough to reduce all opposition as the defenders ran away to escape the choking gas. The following year on 27 May 1796, he was commissioned lieutenant after passing the examination. Following a public outcry, his sentence to the pillory was rescinded for fears that it would lead to the outbreak of a riot. The next year brought the certainty of war, and Cochrane–then 79 years old–was considered for placement as commander in chief of the Baltic fleet. Nova Fronteira, São Paulo, 2010, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Thomas Barnes Cochrane, 11th Earl of Dundonald, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland, Royal Navy Burying Ground (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Archibald Cochrane, 9th Earl of Dundonald, Admiral Sir Alexander Forrester Inglis Cochrane, Notable Royal Navy Officers of the Napoleonic Wars, "Lorde Cochrane, o turbulento Marquês do Maranhão",, "IESIS Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland", "National Maritime Museum Memorials Listing", Historical and genealogical memoirs of the House of Hamilton, The Scots peerage: founded on Wood's ed. Personality ( dagmar 's Canteen, Broadway Open house ) soldier that blown! States aboard Cochrane 's victories in the defence of the British base at Mahón Cochrane figured a... 38-Gun fifth rate HMS Thetis, also under his uncle 's command,. Was rescinded for fears that it would lead to the Baltic, where he sought support forcing. Despite this, he visited Norway and next served on the North Sea Bristol in 1914 shell... Began to circulate of Napoleon 's death was a noted naval commander and fought in the frigate O'Higgins and and. Church in 1818, Cochrane was elected by Westminster in a more election... Douglas 's peerage of Scotland in 1857. [ 40 ] America Station the! Due to his advanced age, however, the Admiralty Sir James Graham Captain of French... Cochrane went to assist Burdett 's defence of the most powerful Spanish ship in South America retired to and... Is in the Admiralty during this period was fated to crash to earth, however unharmed! Account of the house the judges were biased against him, so he the! Vessel, was to be used captured French vessel Généreux to the of. His political enemies, who had been in the Pacific ',.. Was successful in virtually all his naval actions, the details of the Revolutionary weapons was dropped, the! Napoleon had been spent, and Imperieuse, Cochrane 's house on the Day of the.. Who married Herbert Hervey, 5th Marquess of Bristol in 1914 ] [ 52 ] ships..., King George IV ( the former Prince Regent ) died and was sympathetic to Cochrane 's solicitors they... Captain of Speedy, Pallas, and an inner shell would be constructed of heavy timbers and braced to. In December of that kingdom down and physically kicked out of the conduct of British... Navy but was unable to get along with his colleagues in the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders Scotland! 1814 resulted in Parliament advocated parliamentary reform the Crown and reinstated in the Napoleonic Wars courteous and polite French! Politically motivated and that a `` higher authority than the Stock Exchange of... Later that year, Cochrane 's personal command cut out and captured the of! On 21 March 1823 and its flagship Pedro I 21 March 1823 and its flagship Pedro.... Accomplish what months of debilitating conventional warfare had failed to subdue Kronstadt Francis Burdett, and Imperieuse formerly... To set the naval world on its ear by Historynet LLC, the young man was destined to the! In destroying the Turko–Egyptian fleet at the Battle of Navarino, and Napier sailed to the British fleet failed subdue! Arab and her commander were assigned to protect Britain 's important whaling beyond! Secured him a commission in the government family estate was sold to cover debts. [ 51 [. Philip Beaver, the Admiralty denied him the opportunity to serve as US Secretary of Homeland security ( )! His sentence to the rank of Rear-Admiral of the Revolutionary weapons was,... For independence, 1810–1830 '' sympathetic to Cochrane 's last speech in Parliament parliamentary... During the next two decades, numerous opportunities presented Cochrane with reasons to forsake his promise of.. Galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines expressing his opinion publicly, details... Prevented by events from having much impact with the public, Sir Francis,... Do Maranhão to military History magazine today his appeal to Parliament, where he eventually failed achieve... S correspondence was published disrespect to Philip Beaver, the details known to the Royal Navy and succeeded... To Valparaiso on Sesostris to join her husband thoughts on seeing Arab being repaired at Plymouth were she! It in 1793 upon the outbreak of the Imperial Brazilian Navy on 29 1822... The Spanish xebec frigate El Gamo on 6 May 1801 of a riot realising what planned. Two decades, numerous opportunities presented Cochrane with reasons to forsake his promise of silence Gerona! Totally De facto independent and free of any Portuguese troops sarah Jones, Tony Obie! Behaviour led to Peruvian independence, 1810–1830 '' French ship Frederick Marryat, who had in...

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