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- MultiView display shows … I want to take a good look at what TI has that is in the same price range as my Casio fx-991EX. 4. TI-36X Pro vs. TI-34 MultiView. About TI 34 TI 34 is a calculator from the Texas Instruments, which is the step up version of the basic scientific … Of the two, which is better, the TI-36X Pro or the TI-34 MultiView? Close. TI-36X Pro… Name TI 36X Pro Casio 991EX; Brand: Texas Instruments: Casio: Features - Ideal for curricula in which graphing technology may not be permitted. Posted by 9 months ago. Bottom Line TI-36X Pro Review. The TI-36X Pro is an incredibly powerful scientific calculator in an easy to use interface. Similar to the natural textbook display technology, Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro … Archived. For younger students (middle school and early high school), I’d … You can store up to two operations on the TI-34 II and TI-34 Multiview, while only one operation can be stored on the TI-36X Pro. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro requires only a few more dollars than its contender here, but it offers more comfortable display. TI-36X Pro vs. TI-34 MultiView. – What are TI 34 and TI 30XS – What TI 34 and TI 30XS can offer to you – TI 34 vs TI 30XS. TI 36X Pro vs Casio 991EX. Although not known as programming calculators, we can program small macros on the Texas Instruments TI-34 II, TI-34 Multiview, and TI-36X Pro calculators through the stored operation feature.

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