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There’s going to be unique characteristics among each one. They were built by hand and weren’t manufactured with 100% accurate precision. Not one mic sounded the exact same. It retained the K67-style capsule of the U67, but replaced the tube amplifier circuit with a FET/transformer design. Vintage Microphones, Part 2: Neumann M49, M50, U67 and U87. The K67 is employed in both the modern U67 and U87 microphone. It includes some very expensive components such as a large custom designed output transformer, a premium … Note: This article is a segment of a multi-part series detailing the history and technology behind some of the industry's most beloved and … In short, the U87 … A: The U 67 is considerably more costly to manufacture than other Neumann microphones. Don’t get hung up if your U87 … Side note: You can readily swap head baskets, bottom bells, frame supports, and housing tubes between any U67, M269, U87, and U87Ai without modification; but you cannot replace a defective pattern or attenuation switch on an original U67 … All in all, the U67 was a dramatic step forward in microphone technology and design for the new decade of the 1960s. Old vintage microphones, like the U67, U47 or U87, had a unique character to them. Following their … The U 87 was designed as a solid-state version of the U 67 tube microphone.

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