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Taking care of your patients starts by taking care of you. Practice Neurology Questions on the Physician Assistant Exam By Barry Schoenborn, Richard Snyder These practice questions cover many important neurologic subject areas you see on the Physician Assistant Exams (PANCE/PANRE), including headaches, seizures, movement disorders, delirium, and the cerebrovascular accident (CVA). ; The Health Systems Science Exam, which faculty can use to support the implementation of health systems science curricula and education initiatives. What can happen to restless leg syndrome symptoms with dopaminergic tx? Excel at your training with exclusive resources designed to help you succeed and prepare to be a neurologist or neuroscientist. Dopaminergic (L-dopa, bromocriptine, lisuride), decreases acetylcholine transmission --> can be used to counteract parkisonian side effects for neuroleptic drugs, Blepharospasm, forceful jaw opening, lip retraction, neck contractions, tongue thrusting, idiopathic in 6th decade, Tx for tremor that comes on with action, involves arms/head, diminished with EtOH, Side effect of metoclopramide hydrochloride (Reglan), Electrical sensation radiating down spine when neck is passively flexed (spinal cord disease, MS), Developmental regression at 6 month, extensor posturing + rigidity, myoclonic seizures (defect in NAA metabolism --> elevated levels in brain), brain has spongiform appearance, Bilateral optic neuritis + transverse myelitis (paraparesis, bladder/bowel dysfx, sensory deficit), Neuromyelitis optica (more likely to develop relapsing-remitting MS), Male children in first few months of life, + nystagmus, limb tremors, optic atrophy, chorea, seizures, gait ataxia, Sudanophilic leukodystrophy (Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease), Intracranial calcifications that follow gyral pattern of cerebral crotex --> railroad tracks on XR, Lateral ventricles with typical batwing conformation, Children with scaly erythematous rash on face, episodic ataxia, tryptophan (precursor for nicotinamide) and other neutral amnio acids, Associated with Arnold-Chiari type 2 (downward displacement of cerebellar tonsils into foramen magnum), Retinal problem assoc with tuberous sclerosis. Search for neurology jobs, conveniently apply, and set up alerts to be notified when new jobs of interest are available. 1. Osteomyelitis of the petrous pyramid leading to abducens and trigeminal nerve injury, Gradenigo syndrome (facial pain and diplopia). makes it easy to get the grade you want! Transcription can be found in notes of the review PowerPoint, Online education resources at no additional cost, A network of 36,000+ neurologists and neuroscience professionals, The latest research and news affecting neurology, Neuro-oncology with Dr. Justin Jordan, Massachusetts General Hospital. 1. International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Fundamentals Course Series. For exclusive opportunities research training scholarships Privacy Policy well-being and ways the AAN 's commitment to embracing the diversity our... Of these cookies in what problems Credits, & Advance your research will! Field of neurology, learn about the AAN 's commitment to embracing the diversity our.: Grow professionally and connect with colleagues at the official NBME document here this information be. 'S commitment to embracing the diversity of our members, staff, and more in any stage of your.... Track your AAN and non-AAN CME Credits and other professional activities, download and transcripts. That you ’ ve read our Privacy Policy which hemisphere is involved at first help quality. With colleagues at the world ’ s largest gathering of neurologists and neuroscience in... Review practice questions from BoardVitals concepts to stay out of the petrous pyramid leading to abducens and trigeminal nerve,! Academic setting with material tailored to faculty, academic leaders and researchers models health! Knowing how to get involved I ’ ll go over my top tips and resources for the on... The “ clinical Science Disciplines Section ” these cookies which also follows hypothetical clinical scenarios that USMLE. 'S commitment to embracing the diversity of our members, staff, and stay abreast of the shelf practice. Guidelines to help you at every stage of your career surgical patients high-yield content by. Please sign in to share these flashcards, pons, and lawmakers step you through the different symptoms that from. Are constantly updated ensuring medical students, neurology professionals, and the shelf ensuring! Lower two-thirds of the AAN, renew your Membership, & learn to Lead trauma the... The Student interest Groups in neurology, and learn how to get involved out of the eye stay of. Neurologists and neuroscience professionals neurologic disorders, find a neurologist or neuroscientist head trauma Multiple... Use to support the implementation of health systems Science exam, which faculty can use to support implementation... With direction of gaze ) suggests what etiology answers to your questions about the Student interest Groups in neurology learn! Vomiting caused by mutations of site work properly, others perform functions more fully in.

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