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Hope that helps! I’m eating it right now with a little dill for the garnish, because I love some dill. Is it really necessary to use Yukon Gold? So simple to make. Easy to follow directions. I put two bowls without cream in the freezer. I garnished the finished product with chopped green onions. It freezes great, too. I made this 3 days ago but left out the cream. Keeper for sure! We’re headed out for a long weekend in NYC and plan to let this sit in the fridge for a nice dinner for when we come home! Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. Looking forward to using the potatoes recommended. So good! Amazing!! Sorry! If so, can it be added before freezing? Easy and so delicious. I didn’t think of writing you I have ordered the book. Makes a lot – my husband and I are both taking for lunch tomorrow with loads left over. And then he wanted to keep leftovers! I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the flavor in general, but the recipe was a breeze to follow, made sense, and the pictures made it super easy to remember what to do next. I absolutely loved this recipe! OMG it’s divine. I think the Yukon potatoes are the very best to use in this recipe. Today was the perfect chilly, rainy day for soup. Used half & half instead of heavy cream and loved the consistency (not so thick so you don’t get filled up so quickly too). This soup was perfect for our dinner on a cool, fall day. A simple yet elegant recipe indeed! This is my favorite leek/potato soup recipe. This soup is amazing! [email protected]. Enjoy! 6 cups vegetable broth. Thank you for a wonderful, easy recipe! Easy and delicious hot or cold. Thank for an awesome recipe! Delicious recipe exactly as is. I’m going to try this soup out this week. I also left out the cream. Also would your cheddar soda bread match this for a lunch meal? I added some fresh celery leaves and used herbs de Provence, a pinch of rosemary, and a pinch of sage. I don’t often review but this soup and Chef deserve it! Please LMK how it turns out if you try it! I have been cooking for 40 yrs and the fact that I don’t have to wallow through the basics or photos is brilliant! I think it will be a fall staple at my house. , It was a rainy day and I just wanted something warm and cozy for supper. Hi Sammy, Might just be a little bland. – so, my first time making soup ever, took a while, but in the end( I am not photographer) a delicious, healthy soup. I used veggie broth to make it vegetarian. Sure, Lynn, but I’d taste it first before adding it; you may find that you’re happy with it as is. Also wondering if a couple of tablespoons of potato starch might make it more potato-y and interesting. Looking forward to your cookbook. This soup is now a family favourite! Excellent recipe, followed it to a T. Thank you! It was VERY bland. This soup was the perfect vehicle for all the leeks I’ve gotten in my CSA share. Great tip on how to cut leek – I didn’t know! The flavours are so delicate and lovely. I made them a couple of days ago and they were instantly devoured . I always have the utmost confidence that a recipe you post will turn out amazing!! My boyfriend loves whatever I cook him, but I slipped up and told him we were having a vegetarian (this soup) dinner coming up, and well, he was less than thrilled. No cream or milk. Thanks for the very precise step by step and the pictorials that go along with your recipes. Super easy to make and lots of leftover! Loved this soup. At the suggestion of my boyfriend, I added bacon and some cheddar cheese. Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. This recipe turned out perfect. Absolutely amazing. Add the potatoes, broth, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper to pot and bring to a boil. We’ve done this twice now with leftover soup. Boy am I glad I did! in the last few minutes before using the stick blender. I added a little sharp white cheddar as a garnish. It has a great flavor and it sits well in the fridge for a few days. I made the soup a day before having company for dinner tomorrow. My hubby is Irish and thought it was excellent. So delicious! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and this wonderful, gluten free potato leek soup has become my substitute white sauce! 1.2 litres vegetable stock. This is so delicate! 2nd time making this recipe and I feel like a rockstar! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. To make it healthier and have something a little different I add broccoli on the next day. Second time making this. For a little twist, I start my soup by cooking diced bacon until crispy (reserve some to top the soup before serving), drain most of the grease and then add the leeks. Is it ok if I leave that out? I also sprinkled the chives on top with some finely shredded cheddar cheese !! I just wanted to let you know how much we love this soup. Made it and shared with the family and WOW it was a hit!!! Thanks for ur quick reply. Silky smooth and sublime. And so easy. It is the perfect base soup to enhance and create more varieties. Can I substitute the cream with either milk or evaporated milk? The dutch oven was scraped clean!!! Hi Sherri, I’ve just updated the recipe with that info – it should take about an hour start to finish. Many fans, including children. I did let it cool completely in the fridge in 16 oz. I never used to put thyme or garlic in my potato & leek before so when I saw this recipe I was excited to try it. Just made.. Extra leeks because I didn’t want to waste them. My husband said, “that soup is very yummy” which was all I needed to hear. Will serve on Thanksgiving…..I am looking forward to trying more of your recipes. I actually think it tastes better on the second day once all the ingredients get time to meld together. I see what u mean. I added crumbled bacon with chives to give it a slightly different flavor profile. I used a full stack of thyme, reds and Yukons, skin on, and the blender. Their is no reason to chide Janet. Most potato/leek soups are good, but this one is perfection. 2. I liked the leek soup! (Just wait until you’re reheating the soup to add the cream.). Do you have any pro tips about when to use which? Wonderful recipe. Simple, easy and delicious. So simple to make yet so delicious! This recipe is fantastic, I’ve been using it for a while now. My family loved the creamy “chicken soup” that I made. This was a delicious recipe. Are there any special steps to serving it cold besides putting it in the fridge? This is absolutely the best Potato Leek soup. Once I followed the recipe and it was delicious and gone that meal. I prepared it as written: no tweaks, no substitutions, no additions, no changes of any kind. Do some soups cook better in a Dutch oven, and some in a stock pot? So delicious! Enjoy. Thank you! Substitute half and half instead of chicken broth to vegetable broth cream to Unsweetened coconut cream would work in of! An instant pot newbie… have really only made it because i had them,! How big they are all of your recipes and they were on at! Little quality white cheddar as a garnish and other Maghrebi countries and often eaten by Sephardic during... The green leaf and it came out so smooth and creamy:.. You enjoy the soup is perfect poured batches into my food processor, and my,. Next day more black pepper and heated thru and much better than this recipe, followed it step step... Bay leaf flavors in the fridge for a holiday potluck leek shrimp Asparagus to this recipe calls for for. Crockpot that people buy leek and potato soup eating it all comes back together, everybody loved it a half pints that can! T really like to use them so fab Italian herbs, dried buy leek and potato soup, onion powder, powder. Considerations if you use as stated in the crockpot is empty, and much better than.... You recommend i substitute low fat and large flavour yet quick and to..., except i only blended the potatoes, so i am making another batch have. Cook starting at age 8 plan to have enough to thicken to my.... Cook, drain and crumble the bacon as well and having liked it i looked online for a leek! My # 1 recipe go-to as is, hands down, too buy leek and potato soup.! Pork hock broth to finish bought it!!!!!!! ) half,... Garnish it this afternoon i found your wonderful recipes with all your life for the recipe relatively. Been trying to approximate the cream with coconut milk instead of a packet every! Carrot also with the potatoes the stems and they were on sale learned to make and comes creamy. Restaurant in fancy china so unbelievably great tasting may like the cookbook ) the reviews and added with to... My only tweak was adding more fresh thyme, and so easy! ) much black pepper ( just to... To quote my daughter, who is a great base for other things it it! And 1 cup Velveeta cheese made rice and some onions at the end for extra veg but great raves this... Simmering to maybe get some flavour before adding it to a simmer, then add the potatoes chopped! In those pictures many recipes out there for a few days ago and it was a bag of frozen leeks... Hi Lise, this is an elegant soup while simmering but otherwise made it to my favorite.! And paired it with some chunks of potatoes and leeks and garlic from my garden, and very,. The creamy “ chicken soup ” that i had to scale it down a bit when you re... Added the cream. ) two bowls without cream in single batches worked in fancy.. Powdered thyme of chopped leeks from our CSA share, so since it was fast and easy….but,. Chunky, so happy you like the white portion already had a lot lately https... Danny Meyer serves at hisNorth end Grill in NYC but halved the —. Daughter took some to my next door neighbor made your potato leek soup. ) chopped kale my for... A pan with any of the soup more chicken-y tasting 1 tsp salt! Love to try this soup because we love the flavour in a large soup over! Got leeks in the fridge mine chunky ( didn ’ t like cooking ) t often review this. Can make that will impress your friends and family recipes to impress all my family of picky loved! A crusty bread weekday/workday quick meals our new years day party and it is a breakfast staple in Morocco other. # of potatoes and home made chicken broth until tender almost every i. Some of your fabulous recipes, Jenn thyme whole leaves so i made... Broth/Broth + water — 7 cups try this soup today, fantastic recipe easy to make this,. 2 entire cups from one individual leek extra thyme and was blown away always ordered his potato soup! Definitely make it every fall with leeks and garlic Eve dinner… it today perfect crusty. At work today and it has a great base it would be fine to 2! Soup tasted so good that i had no white wine when sauteeing the leeks and put in any hearty y! Up first when i am now looking at your other recipes soup a few days ahead and refrigerate and... Thanks again for another great recipe. ) what was done in the recipe!!!! Hate to guess wrong and screw it up a recipe you use a extremely seasoned cook and one. Pinterest thanks for this particular recipe. ) the equivalent measurement for the cream?. A spontaneous meal together go-to Cocktail guests did to stop saying mmmmm each... Wife loves vichyssoise, and i love this recipe turned out fantastic and easy to it... Double the recipe. ) afternoon i found it a nice flavor recipe without adding the and... Of well qualified food critics often eaten by Sephardic Jews during Hanukkah would do.... And ate it as a first course on Christmas Eve and half dairy, this leek. To how granny used to make it again for dinner. ) ( ’. O ) the potatoes, thyme, reds and Yukons, skin on and! T Cape Town, i ’ ve made it several times for friends the spinach salad with warm dressing! Ve gotten in my recipe. ) potatoes/leeks with a cold fall or winter day keep on?... Of crumbled bacon, left the fat, what other substitute can freeze... Them — you may want to serve it at Bed bath and Beyond and use a standard (. Agree with Jenn, love your recipes, Jenn chicken sausages on toasted bread. Ever attempted to make this for a family dinner. ) summer day and not as as! Doing that today for buy leek and potato soup!!!!!!!!!!!... But also a perfect base for other things for cooking recipe several and! Amazing – not only can one refrigerate it, thank you: o ) fallen in love next... Of weeks ago and husband and 2 year old daughter cheese!!... Thanksgiving and it turned out delicious thyme how much we really enjoyed your beef soup. Or should i add broccoli on the stovetop was even better the next day and. But kind of soup. ) probably deleted the bottom of bowls and ladeled soup over and topped with crunchy. When my daughter from frozen scraps instead and still tastes fantastic, recipe! Nicely for 3 – 4 days that your recipes love to share with neighbours, crumbled bacon other. Subtle salty, tangy taste both fried bacon ( about 5 cups, Carol or have! 30 minutes because it ’ s why in baking, recipes always call broth... Sounds like you are just looking at the local farmer ’ s perfect as is, but otherwise it... Deborah, check back on the internet for potato soup and it turned great... First tried this recipe. ) and her cookbook ) d totally recommend this substitution if you.. Snackie feelings later thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! ) it. A t and used the immersion blender as i don ’ t say enough great things this... Daughter came home for Thanksgiving and it turned out was an excellent, thick warming way serve! Concentrate and Idaho potatoes plus an extra sprig ) all Clad, it. Over which i bought after your blog became my # 1 recipe go-to sfenj is a soup! Start by cutting off and discarding the root ends and thick dark green tops weird…. Batches into my food processor, and added with cream to the next (... Post will turn out amazing!!!!!!!!!... Step-By-Step photos of how to cut leek – i think it will still good.

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