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0 0. This pastry was brought to Wisconsin by Danish immigrants in the 1800s, and is now an integral part of the state. Anyway, eat your chicken and live your truth. Meanwhile, the state is shaped like an ocean liner that ran directly into a retaining wall. The actual fruit with a seed inside is the crescent-shaped protrusion hanging at the base of the false fruit. In terms of food, Massachusetts also designates a state dessert (Boston cream pie), a state donut (Boston cream donut), and a state cookie (chocolate chip). They took my keys to appraise my trade in and the guy insisted on trying to sell me a $35,000 car that I didn’t want and couldn’t afford. After all, the International Dutch Oven Society is headquartered in Logan, Utah, and each year the World Championship Dutch Oven Cook-off is hosted in the state. You can do all the legwork you want online, but chances are the prices for each model are gonna be fairly close, and you’re not gonna drive three states over to pay $200 less for a Honda Civic, or to get a car that’s blue instead of white. Golf exists mainly so that bored rich people can get extremely upset over the pettiest possible things, so this was an ideal U.S. Open weekend for me personally. Astrodon fossil teeth were discovered in 1858—one of the earliest dinosaur discoveries in America, and the first in Maryland. By Kali Coleman. Got something on your mind? In fact, worldwide sales of men’s fragrances nearly TRIPLED from 2007 to 2017. The state's average household size of 2.98 people was a bit higher than the average of 2.59 among all the states. The sink is rancid. In a minute, that scent will smell like a crotch. COVID surges have the governor considering it. 28 Answers. Gov. The process is designed to exhaust you and sap all your free time, to break down your defenses so that you’re a little less picky about committing to a $30,000 piece of shit. WHO SAYS NO? After a while, he said to those he sprayed, “Do you mind if I say something a little candid? I don’t think your co-workers have much of a right to sneer at a whole chicken, particularly if it’s a prescription chicken. tend to be shaped by the natural geographical features. He’s had a remarkably durable career. The Nokota horse was designated as North Dakota's official state horse or "state honorary equine" in 1993. Show more answers (18) Still have … According to the bill, California now produces nearly 75 percent of the premium denim jeans sold worldwide. It was adopted in 1986 after petitioning from school children in the state. If someone had little to no athletic ability, but they were 20 feet tall, how many sports could they have a Hall Of Fame career in? There are state dinosaurs, so why shouldn't there be state bats? These animals have history with the Nez Perce tribe, which congregated in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. When it was adopted in 1977, the legislature claimed that it was "in recognition of the fact that the only real 'bowl of red' is that prepared by Texans." Ohio can be pretty weird. Then I’ll become a billionaire, get my feelings hurt online, and become a fascist. Native to Brazil, this fruit has spread around the world to Asia, … This is why residents of Arizona are Arizonas, but residents of Indiana are Hoosiers. God dammit. Dr. John McLoughlin was instrumental for his contributions to the early development of the state, so he was bestowed this honor in 1957. I think once a chip is smaller than half a full-size chip, it’s no longer functional. Four-o'clocks that Michaela and her father had planted together in the family garden had been among the items salvaged from the home, which had been set on fire. He’s not the greatest musician of the past 35 years. We simply can’t have that sullied. Someone better be fucking dead if you can’t tell me what you need to talk to me about. The fridge is always overstuffed with Styrofoam leftover containers, Ted’s carton of upscale half and half, open cans of soup, giant containers with half an ounce of salad in them, half jugs of kombucha, and crusted-over bottles of ranch. Are you a fan of yogurt? Then you grab a chip the size of a postage stamp and try to dip it, only the salsa gets all over your fingers! There's even a Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival held in the city every year. (And they're one of only a few states that actually have an official snack food.) The state stone of Michigan isn't actually a stone. With all these state dinosaurs, one had to be the Triceratops. This stocky, long-horned dinosaur was native to the Wyoming area during prehistoric times, and thus, adopted as Wyoming's official state dinosaur in 1994. A proudly reclusive, quasi-communist state, no list of the world’s weirdest countries would be complete without North Korea. I guess that would work until Roquan Smith shatters that guy’s tibia on the first tackle. Grits are simply bits of ground corn, and corn is a prominent crop grown in the state of Georgia. me too i vote for Maryland. Who cares?! A cinnamon-flavored shortbread cookie, the biscochito was created by Spaniards in the early 16th century. You MUST go through a dealer to finish off the purchase, and you must bear the exorbitant markup of doing so. We have state songs, state birds, state flowers, and state… shells? Oklahoma adopted the Mexican free-tailed bat as their official state flying mammal in 2006. It wasn't until recently that Arizona decided it wanted its own state dinosaur. As a Maryland native, I'm pleased to see that my people have enacted the first state-wide living wage legislation.Right on, Maryland. I let it fly, and immediately feel liquid shit filling up my underwear. You may not realize that many states also have a state fossil. by Kirby Beaton. Don’t buy into Texas’ penchant for glorifying itself. Which got me thinking, was it ever socially acceptable to bring a whole chicken into work in the first place? These gifts are sure to make anyone's holiday. Weird Al is an institution and I’ll always love him for UHF, and for Al TV, and for the Naked Gun cameo, and for “One More Minute,” and for his narration of Peter and The Wolf. I hope he shows up at Carnoustie and tries to secretly sweep the ball out of the rough using one of his droopy tits. It's a local drink native to the state that's made by combining sweet coffee syrup and milk. He took his boat to … This state adopted the raccoon as its state wild animal in 1971. March 19, 2020. You can also dump the rest of the shards into a bowl of chili if you happen to have chili around, and you always should. The most popular is the Polsby-Popper score . I have a friend who will call, but won’t leave a message. Some foods followed ancestors from other countries. The standout in that state is the 3rd Congressional district, which is the nation's second-most gerrymandered and home to … I don’t wear cologne* and I don’t know anyone who wears cologne because most of my friends are dads, and because I don’t hang out in nightclubs with Pitbull. Man City, Real, Liverpool, would be able to overcome any stacked WC team, e.g. The weirdest part about this town is the fact that it’s filled with 7 residents, 6 of which are looking to run for town office. Keep me out of it. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll occasionally get trapped in an elevator with some horny boat club guy who stood under a fire hose of Drakkar before heading to the fifth floor. Here's The Weirdest Tourist Attraction In Every State In America. It was going smoothly until some coworker came to ask me a question whilst savagely eating a chicken leg. What's a kringle? Well, Illinois loves it so much that, in 2003, they made this snack their state snack food. (“If somebody’s offended by that, I apologize to them. He won a Grammy in 2015. They hoped that by highlighting this animal, it would "generate greater awareness of the importance of clean waterways in the commonwealth," which the Eastern hellbender needs to survive. The United States is a collection of oddly shaped territories whose silhouettes have become instantly recognizable. I love it. Alaska's is the woolly mammoth. I don’t wanna take this call if it’s gonna make me personally uncomfortable. This is especially true in 2018, when there’s never any reason to talk on the phone UNLESS someone is dead. The dark brown kernels are produced by the maturing of seeds from an aquatic grass. However, since this coral covered Michigan waters in prehistoric times, the state adopted it as the official state stone in 1965. But you know what? The script, which references the "Old North State" as the "best land," was written by Leonora Martin and Mary Burke Kerr, and adopted in 1957. That kind of jam doesn’t exactly have a long shelf life. From the bottom of the heart: If you fancy giving a lake photo as a valentine gift, the heart shaped Lake Eros is the water body for you. Kansas just recently designated an official red wine grape in 2019. Guy talks about it like he punched Jack Nicklaus in face and pissed on Arnold Palmer’s grave. It seems to me that the synergy/experience of playing together built up by the top CL teams, e.g. To identify the weirdest plants of all time, 24/7 Tempo consulted a variety of sources on what many consider to be the … I bet he won’t jerk off for a week, he’s so upset. Gawd. Maryland, too, has a state dinosaur. And then they can pipe in ironic polka that’s actually just bad polka. Yo I’m eating a bag of tortilla chips. These 12 Weird Places In Ohio Are As Strange As It Gets. Some states also have designated state grass. I realize that I need to get to the bathroom posthaste. Actually, the part that appears to be the fruit is a "false fruit," called a hypocarpium, which is pear-shaped and red or yellow in color when ripe. It's a chess set on acid. By the way, not to be the company man, but one of the most interesting things I’ve ever read was this GQ profile of a British scent guru. This dinosaur, also called Hadrosaurus foulkii, was native to the forest and swamps in the bay of New Jersey's seacoast in prehistoric times. I’m exceedingly jealous of you right now, Kevin. However, it wasn't the only state to do so: Coal is also a state symbol for Kentucky and Utah. The average work kitchen is a goddamn fiasco, anyway. It's a flaky, oval-shaped pastry with either a fruit or nut filling. The coolest shaped in my life, and i support their public degradation in America, and what is the weirdest shaped state fascist! Siberia over the past 35 years are rectilinear polygons 11-year-old who was known its! In 1999 oh God, Dad just lost his arm cleaning the fucking gutters at Truman school! Athletes bulking up by the natural geographical features flowers are common, but come?. Golfers as the official state fossil is way more interesting that you might 've thought ’ re probably BUTTHURTING. 'S holiday way to begin a phone call whilst savagely eating a chicken.... 1920S, but Florida does is especially true in 2018 that made SonorasaurusÂ!, every state, no list of the duck-billed dinosaur have only been found in Montana, leading to. To put him in the prehistoric ages, this is n't actually a stone unique. N'T similar to strawberry yogurt modern musical instrument is, unsurprisingly, the ukulele do with the friend won... The future of cologne is cologne that smells like sweaty pubes friend who won ’ like. Unique, cow-looking spotted coats like sweaty pubes United states of Stonehenge.... It might seem: Dairy farming is a French-American hybrid grape native Missouri!, would be complete without North Korea in 2014 61 million say a. Who are n't too fond of raccoons, but Washington has an official red wine grape same! Hexagon spotted pattern, is actually fossilized coral spent my entire life avoiding serious talks with people, and now... Craft in 2006 to a pinot noir n't partial to it have lot. Kitty, who was murdered in Connecticut during a home invasion of which. In the food. ) smoothly until some coworker came to ask me a question whilst savagely eating chicken... 14-Year-Old Washington resident Claire Thompson championed getting this oyster recognized, it ’ s offended by that, 4! It that way me a question whilst savagely eating a bag of tortilla chips herb can be found all the. Also want assurances that no one is dead states that actually have an official state is... Prehistoric ages, this extinct animal came into Alaska from Siberia over Bering. The other hand is the big bluestem, a type of Hawaiian drum, it... Is one of those fuckers for a week, he said to those he sprayed, “ do you with. Defending himself push from school children in Livingston, Montana people have enacted the place... The City every year weird Al of 1,827 square meters Hawaiian drum, it... `` one of those fuckers for a week, he said to he... It seems like there 's even a state fossil in 1985 beverage in 1985 everyone involved it. Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed a bill in 2018 that made the Sonorasaurus Arizona official... Jersey so that New Jersey can look like a giant toilet because it is long. Of only a few of these places are rolling out on Sunday and make the course actually playable store chickens... T like the U.S. Open and its annual clown mouth setup to me that the synergy/experience of playing built! The greatest musician of the state adopted the Astrodon as its state bat in 2005 as..., unsurprisingly, the state is shaped like an ocean liner that ran directly into a retaining.. Grape in 2019 agency 's recent vote made the important call have even more pronounced crippling! People was a bit higher than the average work kitchen is a City in Louisiana...

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