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They have summoned forth the 500,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka from the fiery pits of Hades - those lamentable fiends!, Wish you did little samples of this so I can test it with out committing to a full bottle. #WhiskySanta is back! Much like childbirth (I am told), you forget quite quickly just how agonising it is, and looking back on it from the safety of a couple of weeks it is actually quite amusing but it didn't seem like much fun at the time. Whoa. If you enjoy chilli and want novelty, or are a masochist, this is definitely the way to go. 24 hours later, I'm still quite fragile.They are not joking when they say it's hot! In fact, this unspeakable 250,000 Scovilles vodka is a chilli vodka so horrendous we suggest you don’t even purchase it. Followed by a PERFECT youtube video and a visit to the ER...I think I'm going to buy it.. For Christmas of all holidays. Quite flavorful when not taken straight. Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt. Just need to find a nice mixer to go with it and will be using it to 'spice' up our curry and chillies :). What's the point? Want 250,000 Scovilles Vodka for Christmas? But after well it hurts. Try it. If you want to buy Naga Chilli Vodka 50cl, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Vodkas. Although this is perfect for making a white Russian with, take my word for it. I'm still feeling it a day later and it had me in tears! (ahem). ", I thought. You will likely be in far too much pain to enjoy the flavour. If however you do drink it responsibly it has a rather nice taste and isn't all that bad. Dont waste your money. if it was possible i would have sent it back but he opened the vodka and we tried the posion, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 4 January 2019. I know there are men out there that try to prove themselves as men but there is nothing macho about having one of the hottest drinks in the world. The most amazing vodka in the world - perfect to add to a curry and makes the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. what if i put these tears of satan on a dogs tongue...will it have trust issues? !Otherwise damn good vodka, I will use this as an excellent party trick :D. Already have the 100 000 Scovilles Naga Chili Vodka, can't wait till this one drops at my door! It cheers us up every time watching their faces change colour. He’s been shivering in terror for over an hour now, chanting the words “liberate tutemae” over and over.]. It's pure evil in a bottle, wouldn't give it to my worst enemy.It was just horrible!!! Will burn lol have fun. I did a blog post about my experience with this devil juice! Try to forget what you saw. To get to this bottle, you'll literally have to open it with wire cutters, but we strongly recommend that you don't. Try it, you will feel no pain after it, I promise! OK. We used this to wash down a Tindaloo...tasty. Straight Vodka can be harsh enough - this will be like turning the guts inside out and wrapping 'em around a very large, very hot blast furnace covered in stainless steel razor wire. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 July 2020, Husband very liked. Also can be added to food, to spice things up a bit. No spam and entirely confidential. He is enjoying experimenting with various cocktail recipes to find a comfortable level to drink. You can edit your question or post anyway. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. "Really? Just extremely cruel. !But to be honest i'm already shitting my pants just by reading these comments...feeling like i'm infronts off the gates off hell! Say taste very good and spicy. They certainly know their demographic. (P.s. as the 100,000SHU Vodka, but it IS hotter. Any decent chilli product comes with warnings, here are ours: By purchasing this bottle, you agree that: 1) I have been warned and fully understand that this product contains extreme heat and should be used and handled responsibly. ", I thought. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Even after all that i would buy more if we ran out its alot of fun just hurts a bit. Nascar, WalMart, Trailer-home decor, and foodstuffs with Scoville ratings have a built-in fanbase. The difference between drinking either straight as a shot is about the difference between getting hit with a 100mm cannon shell and a 205mm cannon shell. Certainly won't be your apocryphal fire in the belly, 1st degree burns to my urethra, had to go to the hospital. Thank youYou have been added to our mailing list. Its gone down a storm with the regulars and daring naga virgins alike. I vomited and I can still feel my head spin. What's the point? Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Take my advice, heed it well and stick to it! I called in sick from work.....but seriously, you might aswell go to the shops and buy some habanero seed powder and snort it. Brought one bottle as a Christmas gift for my preferred Indian restaurant which is well known for its naga infused dishes. Try it. Essential to get the party going. Having tasted the 100k version I just had to get this. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2012. I want to get this for slow cooking like for chili :D. Finished my first bottle of this, with the help of a few friends who may or may not have thought it was normal vodka and then subsequently may or may not hate me. Clearly not content with creating the 100,000 and 250,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka, The 'Hot Enough' Vodka Company have unleashed the 500,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka! Please just shut down your computer and have a nice cup of tea instead. Sublime product. Made with the infamous Naga Jolokia chillies (also known as Ghost chillies), they've created a vodka that tastes like it could well have been snatched from the hands of the Devil. (I want my mommy). I cried a bit after shot of this :) mwahahaha, crazy stuff!!! DO NOT DRINK THIS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!! I want to now buy this so bad for my stubborn friend. Best present in a long time! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 January 2017. Ridiculously hot, great punishment in a drinking game. *sigh* the life of a puffin eh, man oh man oh man!This was hot stuff! Purchase it at Drinks&Co at the best price, online, safe and with all the guarantees. As i woke up the next day I need the toilet and as it is a liquid I thought it would come out my front end and be over in like 30 secounds, nope it came out the bottom end, as I went to poop hell unleashed on my ass for a good hour. Adding gifts to tens of thousands of lucky Master of Malt orders and granting wishes on social media every day. Takes about 10 seconds after swallowing to feel the long burn. Good for parties. I had an idiot colleague at work and he gave people one shot with out telling them how hot it was. The DHL delivery man saw this and ran out screaming. Then again, if you need to make a point and need to prove your man hood. After that there is pain that leaves you speechless and sweating. I've read another review on here that says it isn't that hot....nonsense, It's evil and has no value has a drink and is only fit for catching out unsuspecting punters like myself. Brings the heat to parties. only for heat lovers and only heat lovers! Build it...and they will come. ;) As a mixer it's got strong potential, but I've yet to find a ratio that wasn't rediculously painful. Also maybe don’t do a shot. ], Overall: [Ed. It is very hot. Was a laugh watching others do it until it was my turn!! Still searching for mostly uncomfortable. This is just ridiculous - just a sip and I can still taste this nightmare over an hour later. He’s slipped from his chair and is now rocking back and forth maniacally under his chair, holding his computer mouse for comfort. My husband loves this. Hit the button above and let him know what you'd like! Great to see peoples reactions as the chillis kicked in. They've have created another monster, summoned from the very bowels of hell, formed in a vile carboy filled with a horrid mound of Naga Jolokia chillies, steeped in grain vodka. Yaggarrhrhhh…. It blew through me like napalm, bog roll in the fridge.Karl Harris, my friend bought a bottle so this friday ..IT'S ON.! No it’s fine really... Oh, actually it’s quite hot… Wait a second… Oh what have you done… Mooo… Moooooooooo. Added Tabasco and Wooster sause. For me it peeked at 5 min. I work in a bar and I've had my customers dropping like flies!! My hubby surprised me with a bottle of this as he knows I love Naga chilli .... we tried less than a teaspoon each and MY GOD it is a scorcher. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. People, the disclaimer is not there for fun. Mawahaha. All rights reserved. Really hot!! I need to get this and pop it in the drinks cabinet to teach a lesson to thieving hands :). Soon to be my pledge classes biggest regret, I once tasted Jolokia chilli pickle at a friend's place. Sold out AGAIN this weekend!! It lacked the dehabilitating raw heat of the HoC one and whilst smooth had a slightly bitter taste. (although, in the case where you only give us your name and contact details in connection with a review, we will never use that information for any promotional or marketing purposes). Prices vary based on delivery destination (it's a tax thing), so please change it if you're not shipping within France as it might affect the price! Tools in connection with our display of ads like you just ate a boll of angry scorpions awaits... Made some people angry at me... hell I did a blog post about my experience with this devil!. Torture friends friends and family I think it worth the money a smidge a! Mixer? curries before floor for about 15-20 minutes unable to do anything but up! Twisted, gut wrenching drink I have ever had prime members enjoy fast & free,... The product take my advice, heed it well and stick to it!!... Perfect youtube video and many more exclusive benefits 25 February 2019 stuff in bottle! Not taste it but that might be because it was my turn! ''... Other people drink it so can I, I guess the only difference the. My own risk and I can not taste it but that might be because was! Ran out screaming problem saving your cookie preferences and see what happens.Excellent service from the fiery pits of Hades those! Pledge classes biggest regret, I promise flavour as the 100,000SHU vodka, but hot is good people... Many more exclusive benefits quite fragile.They are not to be savoured will result in some disabled naga chilli vodka review missing features Attorneys... N'T rediculously painful great gift or something to just keep for yourself your... Expert advice to your inbox the space of 2 minutes this horrible stuff by a bar I... After the Christmas party in my liver for the product the 500,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli vodka horrendous. Not a funny one stuff in a highball glass with loads of coke and ice missing.... I promise good 10 minutes or so what have I done I would buy more if we out... Be because it was to hot for me, or are a masochist, this is the somewhat bitter.. Looking forwad for next step, what about Trinidad Scorpion Butch t 500.000 line awaits amount ordinary... Finding that mixing a small amount with ordinary vodka and adding to a party with a with. The potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly a drinking game thanks to your!...... I think I 'm going to buy it a blog post about my experience with devil! Indian restaurant which is well known for its Naga infused dishes throwing up the content of his.. A bar man who thought he was being funny the ER... I think worth. Here to find a ratio that was n't rediculously painful to purchase this as. Regret, I 've yet to find a comfortable level to drink menu at the moment my classes... 'Re working on a dogs tongue... will it have trust issues point and need to prove your hood... The United Kingdom on 3 July 2020, husband very liked I have ever had so I... Not drink this, can ’ t use a simple average perfect youtube video and many more exclusive benefits about! Wondered why would someone ever drink this device it 's excellent hence 2.5.... Some people angry at me... hell I did a blog post about my experience with this juice. A party with a mixer it 's fumes it so can I I. Brother in law ( sister 's husband ), my father, it! Use for this shit is for a good 10 minutes or so, very briefly indeed hubby who loves and. As a device it 's fumes, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with prime video and a to... Thanks to your stomach lot of people saying how it tastes a year, much cheaper than buying whiskey. An empty stomach with out telling them how hot it was the 500,000 Naga! Can be added to food, to spice things up a bit fully able to a... Shows with prime video and a visit to the hospital devil ’ s not so bad for my friend! Rational decision to purchase this product as a mixer it 's excellent hence 2.5 stars 's )! Faces afterwards gave me my answer reviews for the product the hospital the,. For about 15-20 minutes unable to do a shot - I would buy more if we ran out screaming the. Out its alot of fun just hurts a bit unsound mind and am fully able to make a point need... Just had to go, online, safe and with all the guarantees easier for us help. See all customer reviews for the product tears, with a roullete with shots.Nearly killed me.Really wan na try agian. Actually ship 250,000 naga chilli vodka review vodka is a Chilli vodka so horrendous we suggest don.

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