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Junipers do very well in the desert Southwest, they are evergreen, heat and drought tolerant and take full sun. This tree has foliage that is a lighter yellow-green than … Juniperus occidentalis, known as the western juniper, is a shrub or tree native to the western United States, growing in mountains at altitudes of 800–3,000 metres (2,600–9,800 ft) and rarely down to 100 … Choose a Juniper based on the space you have for it. Low water requirements, once established. "Tam" Junipers are a popular juniper … Junipers are small evergreen trees or bushes that are members of the cypress family. Juniper Trees usually grow at a moderate rate of at least a foot per year. Juniper Trees consist of a controversial mix of species, numbered somewhere between 50 and 70 unique varieties. The juniper plays a symbolic role in three of Abbey’s central quests: to access the … Juniper Tree Varieties and Cultivars. These varieties span both low groundcovers to shrubs to tall trees … There are many varieties of Juniper, from low ground cover rug Junipers to large towering "Pfitzers" and Juniper trees. Some species are also referred to as cedars. You can also find this juniper growing in Arizona and other areas of the western U.S., where it may be known as bigberry juniper or desert juniper. Juniper trees represent Edward Abbey ’s attempt, as a human being, to grasp the mysteries of the desert, a nonhuman entity. Juniper Tree Facts.

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