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For a model of the pace of digital innovation, consider Moore’s Law, e.g., the annual doubling of computer power or data storage capacity one can purchase for one dollar. The Exponential Growth of Innovation in Healthcare. Health Care Innovation: 5 Examples of Innovative Organizations and Systems Shifting patient expectations and advancing technology are inspiring providers to be innovative. This is just one example of the future of technological applications to the healthcare sector. Healthcare product innovations can be both driven by and drivers of the other three Ps of innovation. We have personally researched the web for a year to find the best companies that are making a difference and have compiled an amazing list below. This is especially true of digital innovation. 1. For example, you could hire an analyst to analyze keyword activity across social media channels and on major search engines to determine the most common searches for medical conditions, illnesses, and general health. New apps will help us monitor our daily actions and measure their impact on our health. Here’s to change! May 8, 2018 . The key factor will be shifts in consumer behavior. This week is one of my favorites all year: National Nurses Week. I’m proud every day of the profession I chose, but there is something incredibly special about people from across the country coming together to acknowledge the tremendous work nurses do to provide the best patient care. Innovation is often easier during downturns and difficult times. Here are 5 of the most innovative health systems. What are the top healthcare technology innovations? 6 Healthcare Innovations You May Not Know Were Created by Nurses. The analyst could then develop a predictive model that would anticipate where and when the next big health scare will occur, and how your company can prepare for that event. Technological innovations in healthcare are changing the face of the industry. Payer-Provider Analytics/Data software. One of the greatest advances we will see in the upcoming years is the emergence of mobile technologies that will directly affect the way we perform our daily activities. But while all eyes are on blockchain, 3D printing, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and internet of things (IoT), we’d argue that tech is probably not going to be the deciding healthcare trend in 2020. For example, anxious parents of premature babies facing an extended stay in the NICU of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago can see how the baby is doing at every moment through the PreeMe+You app.

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